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Stop This Invader! - Spotted Lanternfly

What is it?
The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive insect from Asia currently found in southeastern Pennsylvania, and sightings have been reported in some neighboring states.
The pest threatens important agricultural commodities, including the grape, hardwood, tree fruit, landscape, and nursery industries - sectors that contribute nearly $18 billion annually to Pennsylvania's economy.
This plant hopper weakens plants by feeding on sap.  It excretes a sticky, sugary substance called honeydew, which attracts stinging insects, promotes the growth of sooty mold, and causes a messy nuisance for residents.
To help stop the spread of Spotted Lanternfly, the state has issued a quarantine order requiring the inspection of all items moving within or out of the area to prevent the transport of any living life stage of the past.
Please click on the attachments below for more information and what this insect looks like.
Spotted Lanternfly - Check Your Gear Poster.jpg    
Stop This Invader - Spotted Lanternfly Flyer.pdf    
Stop This Invader - Spotted Lanternfly Poster.jpg