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Recycling By Municipality

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Recycling in Perry County

Cocolamus Creek Disposal Recycling Bag Drop-off Sites: Purchase CCD recycling bags at local stores (for more information call 1-888-477-0031 or visit and place filled bags in the designated drop-off containers located at the following sites at your convenience. All Perry County recyclers are welcome.

Centre Township: Centre Township Building 2971 Cold Storage Road New Bloomfield, PA 17068 (717) 582-8784

Carroll Township: Carroll Township Building 50 Rambo Hill Road Shermans Dale, PA 17090 (717) 582-8200

Millerstown/Greenwood Twp: Millerstown Community Park East Juniata Parkway Millerstown, PA 17062 (717) 589-9730

Materials accepted in CCD bags: * Aluminum foil, food & beverage containers. * Glass food & beverage containers: clear, green, and brown. * Plastic narrow-necked containers with symbols #1 & #2. (Bottles: milk, water, detergent, shampoo, etc.) * Ferrous (Iron, Steel, and Tin) cans. * Newsprintblack & white or pigmented. * Printer, computer, and copy paper. * Junk mail, magazines, catalogs, and phone books. * Alternative paper (construction, craft, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.) * Corrugated cardboard. * Various metal household items.

Oliver Township: Oliver Township Building 615 South Third Street Newport, PA 17074 (717) 567-3809

Monthly Recycling Programs in Perry County

Tyrone Township ($5 per car) Loysville Community Center

3rd Saturday of each month 8a.m.12p.m.

Contact Tony Williams (717) 275-4318

Items accepted (No sorting necessary, no plastic bags): * Scrap metal * Aluminum cans & foil (clean) * Tin cans (clean) * Office grade paper, magazines, newspapers, books etc., sheets or shredded, no staples. * Cardboard (flattened), no packing material. * Plastic containers #1 through #7 (rinsed and crushed). * Glass: All colors accepted for a minimum fee of $2.00.

(All Perry County recyclers are welcome at Tyrone Township)

Bureau of ForestryNew Germantown 4455 Big Spring Road, Blain PA

This site is open 24/7 for residents of Toboyne, Jackson, Southwest Madison Townships, Blain Borough, and Tuscarora State Forest campers.

Updates and the list of materials accepted can also be found on the Tuscarora State Forest Facebook page.

Items accepted (No sorting necessary, no plastic bags): * Paper: Paperboard (think cereal boxes), office paper and junk mail, newspaper, phonebooks, magazines and catalogs, milk and juice cartons, cardboard pizza boxes and paper bags.

* Plastic: #1, #2 plastic jugs and bottles, #3 through #7 household plastic, rigid plastic such as kitty litter buckets or hose reels.

* Metal: kitchen cookware and bi-metal cans.

* Glass: All colors of food and beverage containers.

* Cardboard (flattened).

* Aluminum cans and other aluminum items: Place in blue barrels at the end of the collection containers (proceeds are used for educational outreach).

Items that are NOT accepted include, but are not limited to: Garbage, styrofoam, propane tanks, paint cans, medical waste/syringes, flammable liquids, household cleaners, chemicals, wood items, concrete, garden hoses, electronics or e-cycling waste, clothing, and plastic bags.

Duncannon Borough / Penn Township Drop-off Center is located at the end of Watershed Drive next to Sherman’s Creek.

Open the 2nd Saturday of each month 8a.m.11a.m. No drop-offs are permitted at any other time.

The curb side pickup will continue for the residents of Duncannon. Please have your materials out on the curb in a visible location by 8 AM. If not out by 8 AM or if the materials are in violation of the rules, they are subject to be left on the curb. Please clean your recyclables for the safety of the volunteers and success of the program.

Items accepted (All items must be cleaned and caps removed, labels do not need to be removed):

Aluminum soda cansplease keep separate in a plastic bag. * Newspaperplease keep separated in a brown bag or tied. * Corrugated cardboardplease keep separate in a tied bundle.

Items that can be comingled: *Aluminum cat food cans, foil and pie/baking pans. * Glass bottles/containers clear, green, and brown in color. * Plastics #1 through #7. * Ferrous (Iron, Steel, and Tin) cans. * Paper (printer, computer, and copy) * Alternative paper (construction, craft, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, phone books, cereal boxes, shoe boxes etc.)

Rye Township Rye Township Building 1775 New Valley Road Marysville, PA 17053

Rye Township Residents Only Drop-off open 6am-2pm

Contact (717) 957-2438

Items accepted (All items must be cleaned and caps removed, labels do not need to be removed):

* Cardboard, clean & flattened

Wheatfield Township Wheatfield Township Building 1280 Bloomfield Road (rt. 274) New Bloomfield, PA 17068

Wheatfield Township Residents Only 1st Saturday of each month 8a.m.12p.m.

Contact (717) 834-5467

Items accepted (All items must be cleaned and caps removed, labels do not need to be removed):

* Aluminum soda cans and foil (crushed). * Ferrous (Iron, Steel, and Tin) cans (crushed). * Newspaperplease keep separated in a brown bag or tied. * Cardboard, cereal boxes, etc (flattened, no packing material). * Office grade paper (in sheets or shredded). * Magazines (tied in bundles). * All types of books. * All #1, #2, & #7 PETE Plastic containers & bottles. * Glass containers, all colors.

Materials should be brought in sorted by category ready for drop-off.

(For Rye Township Residents Only)

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