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  • The following terms and conditions apply to all sales:
  1. After the Sheriff’s Sale has begun, no questions will be taken from the public.  All inquiries must be made before the start of the sale.
  2. No person shall bid on a property without obtaining a bidder number and signing a copy of the terms and conditions of sale.  If you do not already have a bidder number, please come forward at this time.
  3. Any announcement of an upset price by the Plaintiff will be treated as a bid in that amount and poundage will be charged on the amount of the announced upset sale price if it is the successful bid.
  4. Terms of Sale:  10% of purchase price to be paid or total costs plus poundage whichever is greater when the property is stricken down, and the balance on the 10th day after sale.  If the balance is not paid by the due date, you will lose your down payment.
  5. Realty transfer taxes of 2% of the purchase price will be added to plaintiff’s costs if the transaction is not tax exempt and poundage of 2% of the purchase price up to $250,000 (plus .5% of any remaining bid price) will be added to the successful bidder’s costs.
  6. All delinquent local taxes owing through December 31st, of the previous year are included in the Sheriff’s costs.  The current year County, Township, and School taxes are NOT included in the Sheriff’s costs, but are the responsibility of the successful bidder.  The successful bidder must contact the tax collector to determine the current taxes.
  7. All parties in interest and claimants are hereby notified that if a schedule of distribution is required, it will be filed by the Sheriff in the office of the Prothonotary on the 20th day after the sale, and distribution will be made in accordance with the schedule with a deed to be recorded on the 40th day after the sale, unless exceptions are filed.  The Sheriff will provide the successful bidder with a recorded deed after recording at the Perry County Recorder of Deeds’ Office.
  8. Please note that a deed will not be signed by the sheriff until 40 days after the sale, even though the full purchase price must be paid to the sheriff by 10 days after the sale.  This could cause a problem if you are planning to borrow money from a lending institution and have no other real estate for collateral. 
  9. All sales are made subject to any restrictions, covenants, leases, licenses and/or rights-of-way included in the chain of title or visible on the ground.
  10. All properties are exposed for sale without any representation by the Sheriff as to the quality of title offered.  Bidders are cautioned to be familiar with the state of the title prior to making a bid.
  11. The properties are owned by the debtors until they are sold on day of sale.  They are not open for public viewing.  No keys will be provided.  Since this is an adversary action, no keys are available from the defendant.  It will be the purchaser’s responsibility after the recording of the deed to hire a locksmith or gain access to the property by some other means. The Sheriff’s Department makes no guarantee on the condition of the property and shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting from any cause whatsoever.
  12. The Sheriff permits no banter between bidders during the bidding.
  13. Once a bid is made, it is firm.
  14. Assignment of bids is not permitted.
  15. Minimum bids will begin at $1.00 plus costs of sale.  All other bids must be in increments of $1,000.00 or more.