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The Perry County Sheriff's Office Civil Process Division is responsible for the service and enforcement of writs of summons, writ of executions, complaints, service of subpoenas, and other court orders within Perry County in a timely and efficient manner.

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 Letter of Instruction

Perry county sheriffs office requires a letter to accompany any complaint, writ, execution, or other civil document requiring service. The letter will include plaintiff and defendant, case number, detail of service, and address or location of service desired. If services requested are outside Perry County, please indicate deputization of another county. If this is a matter dealing with real estate, please specify if a process server is being utilized.

 Advance Fees For Service

  • Real Estate Executions: 2,500.00
  • Personal Property Execution: $300.00
  • Bank Garnishment only: 100.00
  • Civil Complaint/Writ of Summons: 100.00
  • (1-3 defendants-if more than 3 defendants, please call our office for deposit figure)