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Office of Court Administration

  • Christina L. Zook
  • District Court Administrator
  • Angie J. Clouser
  • Deputy Court Administrator

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Voice: 717-582-5143, option 5
Fax: 717-582-5144

The office of the District Court Administrator was created in 1974 to reduce the burden of administrative duties of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas.  The District Court Administrator's Office provides technical assistance and administrative support to Magisterial District Courts as well as the various departments of the Court of Common Pleas.   Other court business that involves this office includes personnel management, budget, jury management, scheduling, public relations, and liaison functions with various groups and agencies.

Documents and Forms


 ADA Policy - Forms.docxADA_Accommodation_Request_and_Grievance
 Civil_-_Blank_Entry_of_Appearance_Form.docCivil Blank Entry of Appearance
 Continuance Form.pdfMotion for Continuance Form
 Criminal_-_Blank_Entry_of_Appearance_Form.docCriminal Blank Entry of Appearance
 Custody -Criminal Record Verification.docxCustody_Criminal_Record_Verification
 Interpreter request - civil.pdfInterpreter request - Civil
 Interpreter request - criminal.pdfInterpreter request - Criminal
 Perry Custody Complaint.pdfPerry Custody Complaint
 Perry Custody Modification.pdfPerry Custody Modification


 Final_Civil_Local_Rules.docFinal Civil Local Rules April 7, 1999
 Local_Rule_1028(c)_Scheduling_Order.docLocal Rule 1028(c) Scheduling Order


 2016 Court Calendar.pdf2016 Court Calendar
 Dress_Code.pdfDress Code
 Public_Access_Policy.pdfPublic Access Policy
 UJS Non-Discrimination Policy.pdfUJS Non-Discrimination Policy